(Wo)Man Up and Force the Change

Every once in a while you got a reminder of just how weak some managers can be. I guess we all have those moments but when you see them in someone else, it just looks pitiful, doesn’t it? I had one of those reminders yesterday.

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about creating change. Here is what I have come to … change really isn’t that hard, it just takes one second of decision but sticking with the change is where the pain lies. You make a decision, whether a new process or piece of technology for your organization or anything else in life I guess, and you just have to stick in there and force it through.

Changing how we go about things like talent selection can be easy to decide but hard to stick with as well. Introducing a new technology is one of those areas in a company that can just turn into a giant clusterf*#$k if not managed right. And by “managing right” I mean lacing up the boots and digging in.

So often I speak with HR leaders who bring in a new technology only to have the inevitable revolt ensure. “It’s too difficult to use”, “we will lose candidates” and all of the other excuses take hold. What does the weak leader do? Listen. That’s right … they listen.

How is listening a form of weakness? Because sometimes you just need to force the change, throw out the excuses as what they are … excuses and stick with the decision. If you are confident that the decision you made to create change was the right one (or even if you’re a bit uncertain) own it and don’t back away. The first time you don’t stick with that decision to change and listen to the excuses under the guise of having “user adoption problems” (the worst excuse of all) will be the last time you have the ability to show your strength to do the right thing for your organization.

If all of things sounds a little macho or domineering, you’re right. But don’t we all just have to (wo)man up sometimes to get anything significant done?


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