Klout Scores and Other Social Stuff in Hiring

Flying home from SFO with the wonders of Delta Wifi in the Sky (that’s not what they call it but should) with plenty of time to read. Found a post called “Should You Hire Staff Based on Their Klout Score?” Well worth a read.

It deals primarily with hiring for ad agencies and creative firms like that but it raises a great point as we start to look at how social influence and presence will impact talent selection.

What does a Klout score or any social profile say about somebody? It probably starts to answer a few questions that may be relevant…

How engaged in their company/industry/profession, etc. are they?

How creative/logical/well written are they?

Are these things important to know? Depends on the job. It all goes back to understanding what will drive success. What is the target against which you are hiring? If these are traits that are key to performance on the job, then yah you should be all over taking a look at that Klout score and other publically available social information. It can form a more complete picture of what the candidate may deliver and could present some value add in a difficult decision between equally strong candidates.

But, if you can’t form a real argument for job relevancy around Klout (or other social profiles) then skip it. The rules don’t change for using social media in hiring, you just need to understand what you are looking for in the successful candidate.




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