International Growth Done Right

Think I mentioned this in a previous post, but spent the last couple weeks out the US. I was in Romania actually with our software development team. We work with a company called OFS. They are actually based out of Quebec City but most of their development is done in Romania and Ukraine.

As a CEO of an HR Tech company, a blogger and author on HR matters and just a generally curious guy in the recruitment and performance space, I am always on the look out for companies that stand out in these areas. Unfortunately, I find some stand outs, but memorable mess is usually what I remember.

OFS is certainly a stand out. Here is the first thing you should know. This was not a management meeting or some other elite team of their top brass and clients. This was their annual meeting and awards ceremony. All 300 of them from all of the world … Western Europe, Eastern Europe, US, and Canada and still growing. Just a couple years ago, this company was nearing 100. Some serious growth in a short time.

As a client of OFS, I was a by-stander to the action. The real event was a celebration of their achievement on an individual level. Awards were given out for so some many different categories I lost track. The party then followed until 5:30 in the morning (so I heard).

OFS is still a small company, at least by big company standards. But consider this investment made. They flew employees from all corners of the world to tiny Eforie Nord, Romania (located right on the Black Sea) for a weekend celebration. At this party, it was all about individual performance and not the success of the company. That was simply the by-product.

How many companies would make this kind of investment in their people? Not many.

How many companies would discuss doing something like this, but as soon as the budget impact is realized would balk. Most.

OFS continues to grow in the hundreds of percent annually and recognizes that performance is not some sort of a collective term. It is about the contribution made by each and every person on the team each and every day. Once this is realized, taking that giant leap to truly recognize personal performance just makes sense.


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