Hiring Manager Accountability

A very long trip to Eastern Europe caused a bit of a lag in blog posts. Rushed back to the US and had a great webinar with our friends at FistfulofTalent.com. There was a ton valuable content, but one idea has really stuck with me the most which deals with creating accountability around the hiring manager.

There are some things that HR can do well in an organization. I firmly don’t believe that recruitment is one of them however. The most effective recruiters in your company are as follows (as least in my view) …

1.)  Founder

2.)  CEO (usually)

3.)  Hiring Manager

This is not to denigrate recruiters and HR, just a simple reality that the best recruiter will be those closest to the job and the long-range view of the company. HR plays a critical role in creating screening process, but not closing the deal.

Recruitment is often dumped into HR, with the role of the hiring manager typically being one or two interviews along the way. There is typically no real accountability for a bad hire, however nothing w

ill impact a manager’s ability to do their job successfully more than a bad hire. Quite a paradox.

It’s time to drive accountability into the process and begin measuring a manager’s hiring effectiveness (another great role in the process for HR). It doesn’t need to be complicated. Decide on a couple metrics such as …

1.)  Turnover (first 90 days)

2.)  Turnover  (1 year)


3.)  Return on Hire (A new metric that can help you measure overall quality of hire by looking overall manager and candidate satisfaction. Ultimately, you are identifying still poor hires who haven’t quit or gotten fired. I have a white paper for more info and a ChequedTV episode covering the topic.)

Create a dashboard and start measuring with each new hire. Develop a simple heat map to show you which managers are performing well in the hiring department and which are not. You will immediately see the problem managers and can take action.

Simple stuff here … let HR support the hiring process through tools, etc. and assisting the hiring manager with training, development and resources. Put the ultimately accountability on the hiring manager. It is there team, isn’t it?


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