Disrupt List

The not-so-definitive list of people and companies that I believe are the most disruptive in the HR space. There could be some triathlon, wine and travel stuff in here also from time to time so bear with me. Have a suggestion to include in this list? Contact me.

  • Chequed.com is making reference checking relevant again through automated, assessment based reference checks in the cloud.
  • Fistful of Talent is a great blog for innovative people and ideas in HR
  • HRRemix is another great blog for interesting thinking in HR
  • HRevolution is a really cool conference happening the day before HR Tech in Chicago focused around the future of HR
  • SmartRecruiters is redefining applicant tracking software business model with their free software making it easy to hire talent.
  • Evviva is a pretty cool employment branding firm based in the Bay Area. They focus on building brands through the use of online games

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