I am Greg Moran from Saratoga Springs, NY. Here is a bit about me …

  • CEO & Founder of Chequed.com
  • Serial Entrepreneur having founded multiple companies in the HR technology and staffing space
  • Proud Husband  & Dad of 2 incredible kids
  • Skier, Marathon Runner, Triathlete & Ironman Finisher who is really trying to get faster
  • Passionate Travel & Wine Fan
  • Thinks HR is radically broken (in most cases) in dire need of disruption (hence the name of the blog)
  • Really, really, really impatient with people who don’t think

I’m sure you’ll notice all of these topics in the blog. Enjoy and share your thoughts and comments (I do Ironman triathlons so I can handle pain … be honest and blunt in your comments please).


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