The Case for Partisanship

The election is behind us finally. Now the trending topic is bipartisanship. Everyone wants to get along and compromise, agree somewhere in the middle and move forward together in harmony.

Why is this important? Is it even a good thing? Wasn’t this country founded on knock-down, drag-out battles (that occasionally ended in duels) over policy and direction? Just look at some of the elections and debates passed and see how they played out.

I’m not saying that we should fight for the sake of fighting or disagree simply because we are in different political parties, but leaders need to lead and be passionate about their beliefs. If they immediately cave to the middle course, what did we elect them for (or promote them for) to begin with?

Ever see a leader in your company that was without passion? They are swayed by every argument and waiver at the slightest breeze. It’s pathetic and ineffective, hurting everyone around them and never getting results. Compare this to the leader with a clear-eyed vision about what they intend to create. Leaders who lead with passion will have people who will follow. Be too quick to comprise and that leadership is gone.

Struggling companies need strong leaders and struggling countries need the same.  Being too quick to compromise on principle is a sure sign of a leader without a vision. And this stays constant whether you are a Romney or Obama voter.